I turned to the company Gelin Creative Coaching when my startup project was in the early stages. At that time, my ideas about the product were very clear, but I had many uncertainties regarding the strategic aspect and the commercial deployment of my project.
I contacted Philippe Gelin, and we had an initial phone conversation in which he explained the coaching role he could play in guiding me from the “pre-market” stage to the “go-to-market” stage of my startup.
I was already aware of Philippe’s entrepreneurial background and career in the world of international finance and startups, and I knew the quality of support I could find through his service.
We began our coaching sessions, conducted via video conferences, at a rate of one hour of exchange per week for approximately six weeks. It was a coaching experience that brought me significant benefits both personally and professionally for my startup project.
Philippe is more than a coach; he is a mentor who can provide tailored expertise with great finesse, thanks to his background and in-depth analysis of the project and its prospects.
What I greatly appreciated is that Philippe does not judge the project or the strategic choices that have been made, and he does not seek to challenge the entrepreneur. Instead, he aims to provide efficient guidance to help you move toward a common-sense strategy.
Philippe ensures that you find the right path yourself through well-structured demonstrations and the knowledge he has acquired throughout his career.
This support is of great assistance in advancing the project and provides much-needed comfort in the face of a well-known challenge for entrepreneurs: the solitude faced when making decisions.
I would like to thank Gelin Creative Coaching and especially Philippe Gelin for his coaching, invaluable assistance, which allowed me to have an enlightened vision through the spectrum of his knowledge, his support, and his immense kindness.
I have learned a lot and evolved significantly through this experience, which I recommend to any entrepreneur, regardless of their age or their business.

Maxime, CEO & Founder, France – Sector: Proptech

Working with Ilona was very insightful and helped me find practical solutions to improving my approach to conflict situations. Ilona guided me thoughtfully in understanding better my own motivation in a work environment and supported me in finding better routes to collaborating with different personalities in stressful circumstances.

Rayna, Head of Investigations & Intelligence, UK – Sector: Banking

Knowing myself better – life skills.
Philippe impressed me with his empathetic, thoroughly professional approach. One can feel vulnerable – even weak – by sharing personal weaknesses with another.
Philippe helped me address – not confront – them. Accepting aspects of oneself as challenges to be worked on – with a pragmatic, systematic and structured approach to turning them around.
I highly recommend Philippe to anyone who wants to address their challenges in a positive, objective way.

Nigel, Consultative Partner, UK – Sector: Aviation

Ilona coached me for several sessions this summer and I found it both useful and extremely enjoyable. The conversations helped me see a structure for what I needed to do to achieve particular goals, often helping me identify i what I already knew but perhaps didn’t see clearly. Ilona is very empathetic and thoughtful, and knows what she’s talking about.

Dasha, Foreign Correspondent, UK – Sector: Financial information and technology

All roads lead to self. And the self-discovery is expedited by a focused plan of action, discipline, integrity, and most importantly the lending ear of a supportive unbiased coach like Philippe. With timely guidance, holding you accountable to answering the big questions, whilst rooting for you all the way to reach attainable goals and live a life of full potential.
Thank you for being a tremendous stand for these transformations

Eva Moore, Director, UK – Sector: Investment management

I recently had a series of coaching sessions with Philippe and it was truly transformative. Not only did Philippe have a wealth of knowledge and experience, but he also had a unique ability to listen and understand my specific needs and goals.
Throughout the sessions, Philippe provided valuable insights and guidance on how to overcome the challenges I was facing. He also helped me to identify my strengths and how to leverage them to achieve my goals. His approach was supportive and encouraging, and I felt like I could really open up and be honest about my thoughts and feelings.
I left the sessions feeling empowered and motivated to take action towards my goals. I highly recommend Philippe to anyone looking for a coach who truly cares about their clients’ success and well-being.
Overall, the coaching sessions were a great experience and I will definitely be working with Philippe again in the future.

George, Software Developer, Romania – Sector: Technology

Coaching sessions with Philippe are of very high quality. His attentive listening skills, genuine perceptiveness, inventive methods, and humanism open up possibilities I didn’t even suspect existed. I highly recommend Philippe to anyone seeking or wanting to give a new, positive, and constructive impetus to their goals, in full alignment with who they are and their values.

Francois, Artist and Composer, France – Sector: Music production

Photo by James Bold on Unsplash