The Power of Coaching for High-Profile Executives Making a Career Move

As a high-profile executive, you know that making a career move can be a daunting task. But what if I told you there was a way to navigate this process with confidence and ease? Enter coaching.

Coaching can be an incredibly valuable resource for high-profile executives looking to make a career move. Whether you’re considering a promotion within your current company or making a switch to a new organisation, coaching can help you navigate the process and make the most of your new opportunity.

Get personalised guidance and support

One of the biggest benefits of coaching for high-profile executives is the ability to receive personalised guidance and support. Unlike traditional training programs or development workshops, coaching allows you to focus on your specific goals and challenges and receive tailored advice and support from an experienced professional. This can be particularly helpful when making a career move, as you may face unique challenges and opportunities specific to your goals and circumstances.

Develop your leadership style with new skills and strategies

Coaching can also help you develop new skills and strategies that can help you succeed in your new role. For example, suppose you are moving into a leadership position. In that case, a coach can help you develop your leadership style and communication skills and provide guidance on how to manage and motivate your team effectively. Or you may be making a switch to a new industry. Then, a coach can help you learn about the culture and expectations of your new organisation and provide insights on how to network and build relationships within your new industry effectively.

Receive honest and unbiased feedback

Another benefit of coaching is the opportunity to receive honest and unbiased feedback. Many high-profile executives may be accustomed to receiving positive feedback and praise from their colleagues and subordinates, but a coach can provide a more objective perspective and help you identify areas for improvement. This can be particularly valuable when making a career move, as you may be facing new challenges and responsibilities that require you to adapt and grow.

Improve job satisfaction and career progression

Research has also shown that coaching can positively impact job satisfaction and career progression. A study published in the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring found that coaching was associated with increased job satisfaction, better performance, and higher levels of career satisfaction among high-profile executives (Cavanagh, 2018). Another study published in the Journal of Business and Technical Communication found that coaching was effective in helping executives develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in their new roles (Briscoe, 2017).

Choosing the right coach

But how do you find the right coach? It’s critical to work with someone who has experience working with high-profile executives and who understands the unique challenges and opportunities you may be facing. Look for a coach who is a good fit for your personality and style, and who is able to provide the level of support and guidance you need.

What next?

So if you’re a high-profile executive looking to make a career move, don’t go it alone, coaching can be a valuable resource in your ascension. Whether you’re looking to take on a new leadership role, switch industries, or simply improve your performance in your current position, coaching can provide personalised guidance and support. A partnering coach will help you develop new skills and strategies and improve your job satisfaction and career progression. And with the right coach, you can make the most of your new opportunity and achieve your career goals.


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About the Author: Philippe Gelin is a maverick entrepreneur turned business and life coach. He practices a range of creative coaching techniques to help impactful startup founders, entrepreneurs and executives develop their vision, empower their community, and unleash their true power.
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